Why hello there.

2008-04-24 22:28:35 by Yishan

Why hello there.

Hey guys,
Thanks to all your votes, listens, and downloads, Eye of the Storm has become a huge hit! We're glad and we feel like it deserves its rating of 3.50-4.00! We'd thank you guys for you good votes and downloads! Right now, we're not going to make any since it took a long time to make both the Eye of the Storm and World in Flames. Its our most popular and highest ranked audio that we've made, and please invite your friends to listen to it! Tell us what you think about it below!

Eye of the Størm

Working on Audio...

2008-03-21 00:55:21 by Yishan

A Picture is worth a thousand words. So is a song, and its beats. I'm going to submit to Newgrounds on a daily basis, all of which are named after the band me and my friends created. The band's name is Eye of the Størm, and our song's titles will be based on elements in nature. I hope you all enjoy the music, and the ones you are listening to, like Blizzård or Eleçtricity, those are all just little sneak peeks. If you guys like them, we'll continue making them, making them longer and longer.